Database Migrations In Laravel 4

Laravel 4 developed by Taylor Otwell, is indeed a great php framework out there. It is suitable for both small and large scale applications, and has a very active community of really helpful people. I started using laravel more or less four months ago, and I have not searched google for “the best php framework” since then. With its powerful components like: a powerful and flexible routing system, an expressive query builder Fluent, Eloquent ORM, a descent authentication component, an intelligent IoC Container, Blade template engine and Artisan CLI tool, it just rocks (pardon me if I am missing something here).

Database Migrations In Laravel

Database migrations in Laravel provide you with an easy way of managing your application’s database schema. When using migrations, a lot of tasks related to database schema become a lot easier; by using migrations you can change the structure of database tables on the fly Continue reading Database Migrations In Laravel 4